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Hello, I’m Brock Dubbels, your partner in experience design and business growth.

At the heart of San Francisco’s tech hub, I serve Fluid Media as Chief Product Officer. My passion for innovation comes to life as I merge machine learning with human-centered design to shape experiences that resonate and convert. I’m fascinated by the challenge of turning complex ideas into simple, intuitive solutions that enhance learning, engage, and spur behavior change — from the allure of mobile apps to the intricate dance of B2B services.

Beyond the office, my role as Editor in Chief Emeritus of the International Journal of Games and Computer-Mediated Simulations keeps me at the cutting edge of new frontiers in learning and media. My role as a researcher at McMaster University’s Gilbrea Center keeps me connected to the everchanging conversation on aging and quality of life.

My journey has been marked by recognition — a Fulbright Scholarship, an NIH Fellowship, and the Orion Innovation Award, to name a few. I’ve navigated leadership roles at giants like Amazon and Equinix, influencing strategies and driving innovation. My approach? Lean design research, transformative business modeling, and an unwavering focus on delivering customer value.

With a toolbox filled with skills from UX design to AI, I’ve authored books on video game research, lent my expertise to industry leaders, and received honors that reflect my commitment to pushing boundaries. My academic path includes a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science and postdoctoral studies in both Software Engineering and Behavioral Neuroscience.

My mission extends to the classroom and beyond, where I’ve taught, published research and best practices, developed games, and explored virtual realities with an eye on education, cosumer experiences, business, and social impact.

I invite you to join me in this journey of discovery and innovation. Let’s explore how we can drive change together and shape the future with intention and insight.


Connect with me: LinkedIn