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I help organizations innovate through experience design research

20 years of research experience.

Group 4@3x


User experience research:

  • Experience with recruiting diverse and vulnerable populations for medical and education research
  • Create collaborative lean strategy in product for strategic, tactical business objectives, and vision
  • Conduct individual research (exploratory, generative, and evaluative) and facilitate learning workshops
  • Up-level research insights as compelling presentations across the organization
  • Designs and facilitates ethnography, diary studies, and contextual inquiry for journey frameworks
  • Research expertise for design and development in regulated industries
  • Customer facing, enterprise, b2b, mobile, touch, o2o services and mobile web
  • Multi-device dashboards including mobile app, web, and intranet
  • Experimentalist able to establish baselines for research supported by causation, not just correlation
  • Creates quick and effective data-informed development
  • Gathers data to generate insight from multiple sources
  • Track record of financial impact through research based upon business vision and objectives

Research management:

  • Managed research laboratory with four teams with multiple reports across grants
  • Responsible for administration of research lab budget and industry relationship management
  • Experience managing and mentoring all levels of researchers
  • Experience presenting to C-Suite
  • Experience in managing and conducting international research
  • Establish Lean process in discovery, using Design Thinking, and reporting for Agile teams